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yoga burn

Yoga Burn In-Depth Review - You need to know before buy the DVD

Weight loss has been one of the hottest issues discussed amongst women. Hundreds of methods and alternatives have been promoted and tried by the beauties. However, it is seldom to see such significant results in some women. If you are one of them, then you need to stop and read this review.

We are going to introduce you to a unique weight loss program for women, namely Yoga Burn. It is also known as “Her Yoga Secrets”. As the name suggests, the users will learn about specific yoga poses and movements which focus on weight loss, diet, and overall health.​

Yoga Burn is a 12-week yoga program for women. This reputable program is created by Zoe Bray Cotton. Unlike yoga classes or other conventional weight loss programs, it uses a specific technique called Dynamic Sequencing to shed the fat and burn calories faster, promoting healthy weight loss. That means there is no side effect to worry after following the program.

This product is only available in the official retailer of this program. It comes with 60 day money back guarantee. Sounds promising? We haven’t finished yet. Let’s dig in Yoga Burn Review.​

What is The Yoga Burn?

Yoga Burn, as good as its name, is a yoga based weight loss program which is specially designed for women. It is there to help women to lose weight and shape their body. As mentioned before, it will focus on the Dynamic Sequencing principle to encourage users to properly perform the good yoga poses to shape the body as well as burn calories.

Yoga Burn

Yoga Burn itself is divided into three meats which need to be followed thoroughly. These three phases last for 12 weeks and users are encouraged to follow them all to get the best possible result. It sounds a bit challenging but actually this program is user-friendly for both beginners and advanced users. The Dynamism Sequencing, is the selling point of this program. It will teach all the users the basics of every yoga pose and then teach you to perform the poses properly. After implementing the content of the program, these poses will be your second nature.​

It is a complete 12 week program designed to help you tone and firm the body while losing weight. As bonus, you will also attain such quality flexibility. Yoga is definitely one of the most favorite forms of exercise and much acceptable by women. That is one of the reasons why Zoe, the author of this program promotes it to women. It is a unique program designed for women which does not include any intense exercise. So if you don’t want to tone your body, but want to shape it, it is a great program for you. We present you the complete unbiased review of Yoga Burn for you.​

Who is Zoe Bray Cotton?

Zoe Bray Cotton

Zoe Bray Cotton is the creator of Yoga Burn program. But it is only one of her valuables. She is a well-known person in the world of weight loss. What makes us wowed is that she is a certified yoga instructor, personal trainer, as well as female body transformation expert. Not to mention that she is also beautiful and charming woman. Most of our reviews crews are men. Most of us are truly fascinated by her beauty.

She has been around in the world of beauty for years. As personal trainer and certified yoga instructor, she has tons of experiences in helping people to tone their bodies as well as losing their weight. Many customers have been helped by her program. With years of experiences, she decided to create the Yoga Burn. In yoga burn system, Zoe compiles two achievements by providing decent yoga program which reduces stress and tone the women’s body.​

Zoe is not only beautiful, but also genius. She is the real person who is responsible for Her Yoga Secrets or Yoga Burn. As a woman, she has dedicated her time and effort to help other women like you with the valuable information you need to make use of your yoga. Yoga is a gentle workout which does not involve rigorous activities. And because of the nature of yoga, it is even more suitable for those who can’t take part in harder exercises due to injury or illness. So basically, this program is for every woman on earth.​

Zoe has been through thousands of hours of yoga exercises on her behalf and working as personal trainer for years. These enough experiences are the solid proof of her authenticity and proficiency in the specific field, in this case, yoga workout. Zoe’s extensive yoga training program guarantees to burn significant amount of fat and toning muscle. Plus, it can give women the whole healthy lifestyle. So instead of going to the gym and spend thousands dollars for the membership, you can follow her program and get the benefits as soon after running the program.

We love her personalities. She is a kind person and a cheerful woman. She is a good instruction. One of her perks is her gestures and public speaking skills. Zoe speaks really carefully, slowly, and calmly. In addition, she can spell her students to focus on what she is saying. She also makes a great instructor and presenter at the same time. It can be proven by looking at her videos. She gives such clear instructions so that the users of yoga burn system can follow her directions easily. She does the yoga poses very well in her videos. Not to mention that we have seen her in many other media interviews. She has such a golden personalities.​

Yoga and Weight Loss: Does Yoga Burn belly fat?

Yoga Burn pursues the achievement of weight loss and body shape. Assuming that most readers are understand what is the current common beautiful body shape, then belly fat is one of the most crucial terms. The answer is indeed, YES. yoga for belly fat loss can burn belly fat.

Even better, it can burn all the parts of the body fat since the poses of yoga encourages the users to move all of their body part. Actually, yoga for flat belly is an ancient workout. It has been used by Asian countries for decades. Yoga postures will do good effort in the abs and tend to make the doers more relaxed and feel the health benefits afterwards. In Zoe’s program, it is fair to say that flat belly is one of the most promising results. It is undeniable that most women want to have flat belly. And yoga burn dvd can be the best answer if you have sort of question.​

Yoga Burn Review and How Does it Work?

Yoga Burn is a full 12 Week Yoga Based weight loss program that is designed by a woman for women. So if you are a woman, and want to have such “ideal” body, this can make a great choice of solution for you. The 12 Week program achievements that you can expect are weight loss and toned and firm body. It is basically divided into 3 phases. That means each phase will have 4 weeks of span. Your yoga training will be started in the first phase. If you are still new in this, you don’t have to worry because each phase is accompanied by clear instructions and tutorial videos which you can follow.

yoga burn dvd

In each phase, you will need to complete 3 workouts regime. That means in 12 week, you will have to finish 36 workout regimes. But it is not really hard as it sounds.​

There are total 9 tutorial videos plus the bonuses which will help you to enhance the result of the program.If you follow the program thoroughly, you should be able to finish each phase in 4 weeks. Then you need to complete all the three workouts in the phase on weekly basis, along with following the bonuses provided in the program. So theoretically speaking, you will do yoga 4 days every week. Often, isn’t it? This sounds so time-consuming, more especially if you are a time conscious. But don’t worry. Each workout only takes 15 minutes to finish and loop 3 times. That means you will only need to spare 45 minutes of your time per day to do the yoga. After all, you will have 3 days off.​

As mentioned, this program is divided into 3 phases. And the yoga poses are started from the beginning of the program and gradually become more intense.

yoga burn foundational flow

The Phase 1 is called as Foundational Flow: It is the very first phase of the Yoga Burn program and obligatory phase for every users. The meat of this phase introduces the users to the yoga basics and essences. Then the users are encouraged to do the workouts. Zoe teaches the users about the basic yoga poses as the foundations. These are important so that all the users can master the next advanced movements which will be taught in the second phase. In the first phase, you will also learn to breathe during each pose. Breathing is the key to hold the poses in certain period of time. The Foundational Flow might be not a surprise for advanced yoga users, but it is still obligatory since there are few theories which are probably not found in other conventional yoga classes. In addition, the fat and calories burning process is actually started right in the phase 1. That’s why you don’t want to miss a single phase in this program.​

yoga burn transitional flow

The Phase 2 is called as Transitional Flow: After getting the basic of yoga poses, time to move on Phase 2. It is the second phase of the program and consists of the tutorial videos instructing and teaching the users about three new workouts. Here you will find such great yoga poses to burn the fat faster. This phase can be more intense than the previous one. It focuses on transitions. In this phase, Zoe emphasizes the importance of new yoga moves as the part of the sequence. So, it will be started with the Foundational Flow then continued by the transitional flow. Thanks to the clear videos instructions, you will find it very easy to follow. Not to mention that this phase will boost your moods so that you can stay on the track without getting bored or exhausted.

yoga burn mastery flow

Phase 3 is the peak of the program. It is called as Mastery Flow: In this phase, you are no longer beginner in yoga workout. You have been running yoga for 2 months, and it is time to level up your achievement. Zoe enhances the challenge in the final set of tutorial videos and three workout videos. Phase three is the most intense workouts compared to the other two. When promoting this program, she stated that she wanted to ensure that all the users of the program can maximize the benefits of the program she created. Not only in weight loss, but she also wants the users achieve overall health benefits.

Pros and Cons About Yoga Burn Program

  • Pros

We will explain the pros and cons in descriptive paragraph since we think we need to elaborate our points. This program is definitely different than other weight loss programs. Despite of the competitors sayings, it is hard to consider it as similar as traditional yoga regimes. The movements which taught in the program are modernized by Zoe as the creator of this program. The poses of yoga that you will learn are made solely for weight loss purpose.

The content of the program is well-structured and organized. Since it focuses on progression, the significant results are totally real. The set of yoga workouts by Zoe has been working so far. The customers of the program claimed that it worked.​

  • Cons

Reality does speak the truth. There is no overnight solution. Even Yoga Burn needs 12 weeks to prove its credibility. But if you follow the program thoroughly, you will realize that it is worth your time and effort.

Is it Scam?

Is Yoga Burn Scam? To decide whether or not it is a scam. We always look at the credibility of the author first. Zoe is a real person. And some popular medias have interviewed her. That is a start. Not to mention tons of positive feedbacks about this program from the customers. In addition, there is 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which will ensure the discretion of the users.

Achieving desired body shape is a daunting thing to do. It seems impossible. Yoga Burn has changed the way women embrace their existence.We were actually skeptical about this program. We thought that it was just same old product that did not work. Well, we are amazed to see how it actually works. With such solid proofs from reviews websites, positive feedbacks, as well as the interviews with the author, we give this program two thumbs up. We believe that if you stick in this program, you will get what you want. So, why not give it a try?

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